5 Ways to Improve your Health at Home

For most everyone, even people that work outside the home, a good bit of time is spent indoors. If you want to live a healthier life indoors, reduce allergens, breath easier and live better, there are certain things you might want to check for. Below, you will find a guide of sorts that can also be used a checklist if you want to have a healthier personal space in your home.

Assess Your Property – Inside and Outside

You might not realize it at first glance, but did you know that there could be 3 types of toxin in your house that are making you unhealthy or even ill? These 3 common toxins include; radon, mold, and lead. If you have an older home that was built after 1994, you might have lead paint on your walls. If you aren’t sure, there are kits you can buy in Home Improvement stores as well as online that will let you test the paint on your walls. Radon aka radiation is a huge health hazard and if you think your home doesn’t have it, it’s best to test it and make sure! Again, you can buy radon home test kits to see if you do have it or not. Lastly, mold. Mold can become a huge problem in a home and not just black mold like everyone says. The mold of any sort will have you breathing in pathogens that can seriously mess up your immune system, make it harder to breathe and even give you allergic and asthmatic symptoms. It’s a good idea to check areas where moisture is present such as behind the toilet, under the sink, behind the HVAC system and in the basement. If you have mold you might need to call someone in to get rid of it.

Cleaning The Air Properly

Some people are under the assumption that a regular HVAC unit can clean the air. That would be in incorrect assumption. The only real way your air conditioner can clean the air is if it has a filter that can clean the air OR it has an attached purifier in the system itself. If you don’t want to go through all that, you also might want to consider buying yourself an air purifier. These come in many different brands, styles, options and sizes. You can find ones that just clean one room or you can find ones that clean the entire house and help remove dust mites, allergens, pollen inside the house, and even smoke from cigarettes. All of these things can be cleaned with an air purifier and all of these things can cause the air to degrade over time. It might especially be important to you to clean the air in your home if you have elderly people in the home or younger kids because they are more prone to being sick from these things than an average healthy middle-aged man or woman.

Is Your Water Clean? Maybe It’s Time To Fix Your Plumbing

In many states across the country, people do NOT have clean drinking water. Old pipes can lead to all sorts of things such as corroded pipes, pipes that are lead filled, and wells that are not properly maintained. This can lead to dirty or unhealthy water with bacteria and microorganisms which can lead to you falling ill or getting sick – or worse. Make sure that if you don’t use your pipes often, that you flush them out daily. Also, put a filter on your faucet to clean the water before you drink it you can also test the water. If it’s really bad, this might be a good time to start buying water!

Reduce Noise Pollution and Add Calm

If you live on a busy street with lots of traffic, in a city with lots of construction or you just have a lot of outside noise pollution, this could be stressing you out and causing you tension. If you have a lot of outside noise, consider; covering the noises with soft relaxing music, add noise reduction blinds/drapes to your windows. Blackout blinds can actually block out light AND noise. You also might want to think about adding noise blocking screens or even something a little more attractive like greenery on the inside of your home, in front of the windows – both of these options will decrease noise.

Create Your Own Calm

Colors in terms of color psychology are said to make us feel certain emotions when we are exposed to them. Colors like blue and green are ultra relaxing, whereas red can make you feel frenetic and over energized. Consider checking out more about color psychology online to see the BEST colors to paint or the best colors to add to your rooms like the living room, kitchen, home office, bedroom, and bathroom.


To Conclude, Improve your Home and Live a Healthy Life. For Home Improvement or Any of your Plumbing Needs. Make Sure to Contact Aspect Maintenance.